Maryland Matt Rosendale

Matt Rosendale is a developer from Maryland that has a history of developing land, not protecting Montana’s outdoor way of life.

Montana sportsmen and women are making it clear -- we can’t trust Maryland Matt Rosendale with our outdoor heritage.

"As an advocate for Montana public lands and a Montana sportsman, I could not imagine a worse candidate for U.S. Senate than Matt Rosendale."

"I do not trust Matt Rosendale to protect our public lands any further than I can throw him."

"Montana needs a Senator looking out for us."


MTN News: "Matt Rosendale: The State Auditor And Real-Estate Manager From Glendive Reported Assets Valued From $7 Million To $32 Million." "Republican Matt Rosendale: The state auditor and real-estate manager from Glendive reported assets valued from $7 million to $32 million, including MBA Consultants, which is his property-development company. His campaign said MBA manages the property he owns, including his ranch near Glendive." [MTN News, 2/15/18]

2002: Matt Rosendale Moved From The Eastern Shore Of Maryland To Montana. "Longtime Queen Anne's County resident Matthew Rosendale, who was well-known on Kent Island and in Centreville for many years as a real estate broker, is wearing couple of different hats these days, far removed from the Eastern Shore...The son of Chris and Mary Lou Rosendale who owned Rosendale Realty and founded the Bay Times, Rosendale has lived in Montana since June 2002. Today, in addition to his work in the state legislature, he is also a rancher and is in the developing and consulting business." [Easton Star-Democrat, 2/23/11]


HEADLINE: "Centreville Adds 197 Acres To Town With Annexation Of Farm."[Easton Star-Democrat, 7/21/00]

2000: Matt Rosendale And His Company R&S Developers Planned To Develop A 197-Acre Parcel, The Former Rhodes Farm, Into A 360-Home Development In Centreville, MD. "The geographic boundary of Centreville has extended north with the annexation of a 197-acre property, the former Rhodes farm. Soon, the homes of North Brook will dot the landscape. Work on the project began May 18 and by mid-July five building lots were sold, said Matt Rosendale of Century 21 Rosendale Realty. Two model homes - a rancher and a two-story house - are expected to be built by October. The Centreville Town Council approved the 93-lot first phase of the North Brook project. The full development will have roughly 360 homes and is expected to lake seven to nine years to complete. ‘We're excited about the project. We've had great response from the community, good action from early sales.’ said Rosendale. Rosendale and builder Wes Schuman, who owns Schuman Quality Builders, formed R&S Developers LLC to develop North Brook. Ryan Homes, based in Crofton, is building the new homes." [The Bay Times via Queen Anne’s County Library, 7/26/00]

Great Falls Tribune: Matt Rosendale Planned "A Large Residential Development On 300 Acres He Bought" In Great Falls That Was Previously Farmland. "Matt Rosendale of Glendive plans a large residential development on 300 acres he bought north of 36th Avenue Northeast. The first phase of the project, called Eagles Crossing, includes 58 single-family home lots, one lot for multi-family housing and an 11-acre park on almost 36 acres. Previously, the land was farmed." [Great Falls Tribune, 3/10/04]


HEADLINE: "Rosendale Calls For Transferring Federal Lands To State." [Billings Gazette, 4/18/14]

Matt Rosendale: "I Have Long Been On The Record As An Advocate For The Transfer Of Federal Public Lands To The State." [Billings Gazette, 5/7/14]

Matt Rosendale Voted To Create A Public Lands Task Force To Study Federal Public Lands Management, Including National Wildlife Refuges And Department Of Defense Lands Such As Malmstrom Air Force Base. On April 20, 2015, Matt Rosendale voted to concur in HB 496 on the third reading. According to Montana Conservation Voters: "HB 496: New Public Lands Task Force Sponsor: Rep. Kerry White (R-Bozeman). This bill would have created a new Public Lands Task Force—at a cost of $35,000—to study federal public lands management. Originally restricted to lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management and the Forest Service, the task force was expanded to include all federal lands except for national parks and wilderness areas. That definition would have included Indian Reservations, the interstate highway system, national wildlife refuges, and Department of Defense lands such as Malmstrom Air Force Base and Army Corps of Engineer dams like Fort Peck Dam." The measure was passed by a vote of 27-23 and vetoed by the governor. [Vote 1728, HB 496, 4/20/15; 2015 Montana State Legislative Scorecard, Montana Conservation Voters, accessed 4/23/17]

Matt Rosendale Introduced Legislation To Transfer Management Of Some Federal Public Lands To The State And Restrict Future Federal Land Acquisitions In Montana. On February 11, 2011, Matt Rosendale introduced HB 506. The Havre Daily News reported: "A related proposal, House Bill 506 by Republican Rep. Derek Skees of Kalispell, is being heard Wednesday in the House Federal Relations, Energy and Telecommunications Committee. It would try to curtail future federal government land purchases in Montana and allow the state to reclaim existing federal land." [HB 506, Montana State Senate Journal, 2/11/11; Havre Daily News, 1/16/11]

HEADLINE: "Developers Dreaming Of Federal Land Access." [Associated Press, 12/14/16]

HEADLINE: "Push To Transfer Federal Lands To States Has Sportsmen On Edge." [NPR, 1/5/17]

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